At this time, we are not accepting new applications in our Uganda program.

Please contact Lifeline Children’s Services and request to speak with an Uganda team member prior to applying for an international adoption in Uganda.

The Pearl of Africa

Recently, the Ugandan courts have started to include in the court rulings that a family must return to Uganda every 5 years from the date of receiving legal guardianship for the purposes of a Heritage Trip. This Heritage Trip is considered to be an educational trip in which you and your child has the opportunity to return to their country of origin and also involves an appearance before the Registrar for an informal meeting to learn about your family. Please contact Lifeline if you have any further questions about this requirement.

Come experience “The Pearl” of Africa. This East Africa country brims with natural beauty that extends to many orphans in need of a forever family. The country’s largest city is Kampala, which is also the country’s capital and economic, cultural, and educational center. The extreme economic circumstances in Uganda and have led to an ever increasing number of displaced orphans. Many orphanages struggle daily to provide for the basic needs of each child, and yet the workers seem incredibly pleasant and professional and the children are well cared for. Still, countless precious children in every town and village throughout the country need the security and love that only a true family can bring.

HaitiLifeline is a state-licensed, non-profit ministry that exists to both place these children in a safe and loving home and provide services to Christian families desiring to adopt. Lifeline launched its adoption ministry in Uganda in the summer of 2008 with a vision to help find loving, Christian homes for these amazing children who otherwise might never experience the love and care from having a family of their own. Adopting a child from Uganda is a wonderful way to add a member to your family and provide a child a loving home. Lifeline invites you to open your heart and take this incredible journey of faith to Uganda.

The Adoption Process

The adoption process begins with a home study report. This report consists of four interviews with a social worker as well as various accompanying documents that will be gathered during the process. Lifeline will complete the home study report for families residing in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Washington State and will help families residing outside of these states to be referred to a home study provider in your state of residence. During the home study report process, you will also apply to Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) as well as begin gathering documents for your Dossier.

HaitiThe documents that make up your Dossier will be verified through a series of stages that will include notarization. After Lifeline has helped you complete this process, we will check your Dossier for accuracy before it is sent to Uganda. Your Dossier will then be sent to our lawyer/facilitator in Uganda who will make a final check for accuracy.  When you receive and accept a referral our lawyer/facilitator in Uganda will submit your dossier to the court in order to secure a court date.

Travel Information

You will travel to Uganda based upon the court date. Upon arrival in Uganda you will be picked up from the airport in Entebbe and taken to your mission home/hotel. After recovering from travel and before your court hearing, your child or children will be brought to Kampala and placed in your custody. Court hearings, on occasion, can be delayed up to one week due to court closing or rescheduling or delayed one week due to the judge’s request for additional documents, such a delay is common and does not negatively affect your case.

Granting legal guardianship is completely up to the judge’s discretion in Uganda, and therefore having the proper paperwork and an experienced lawyer in place is essential. After obtaining all documents requested, the judge typically shares his ruling one week following the final hearing.

HaitiYour in-country travel will involve most of your time being spent in Kampala, where the high court is located, as well as time spent in the town where your child’s orphanage is located. Your time spent in country will vary, depending on the region where your child’s orphanage is located, time spent in court, as well as time to acquire passport(s) and visa(s).

Once the court hearing and ruling have been completed you will visit the U.S. Embassy. It will be at the U.S. Embassy that you will receive your child(ren)’s visa to be able to come home. When this process has been completed, you will return home with your child! Our facilitation team in Uganda will be available to you throughout your entire stay, helping you through each stage of the legal guardianship/adoption process!

We’re Here To Serve You

We have had great interest in our Uganda program because of the benefits of a potentially less expensive process and the ability to adopt a range of young to older children having special needs or non-special needs. Lifeline looks forward to the privilege of serving your family throughout your adoption journey. Start your journey here by searching our website for valuable information that will help you through the Uganda adoption process.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with Uganda and help needy children find their forever families!  For more information about Uganda, Lifeline, or any of our adoption programs please call the Lifeline office at (205) 967-0811 or email us here.

Questions? Call 205.967.0811 or e-mail us here.