Taiwan: The Beautiful Island

Taiwan lies less than 120 miles east of China and is shaped like a leaf with its tip pointing toward Japan. The total area of Taiwan is nearly 36,000 sq. km and this makes Taiwan about the size of Holland.

Taiwan’s climate is as diverse as its landscape. There are two distinct seasons: hot (April – October) and cool (November – March). About 98% of Taiwan’s population are ethnically Han Chinese. This means that at some point they or their ancestors crossed the Taiwan Strait from China. Standard Mandarin Chinese is the national language spoken in Taiwan.

Taiwan is a very friendly place for the visitor. The Taiwanese are warm-hearted and hospitable. Foreigners are treated kindly and the Taiwanese consider themselves good hosts. Politeness and smiles go a long way in Taiwan and show respect for those you are addressing.

Taiwan is a wonderful country to visit and from which to adopt. Lifeline works with Cathwel Services, in Taipei, Taiwan. Cathwel Services began as a Catholic Relief Service in Taiwan in 1949. They now operate a halfway house, a nursery, The Jonah House Orphanage (constructed in 2002), and counseling services for birth families. They care for orphans,  children with special needs, abandoned children, and unwed mothers. They offer foster care and care for children within their orphanage system. Children range in age from toddler age to 14 years.

Lifeline can only offer a Waiting Children Program at this time. If Lifeline, at some point in the future, is able to offer a program for healthy children and/or other types of dossiers (special needs and older children) we will make that information available immediately. The current program is explained in detail at Taiwan’s Waiting Children page, which can be accessed by clicking on the Waiting Children links in the Taiwan section.

In most cases, the birth mother or birth family become involved in acceptance of the adoptive family for a particular waiting child. Some background information on birthparents may also be provided. A family that has been accepted and officially matched with a child regardless of whether the birthmother has been located and involved in the process will be given photos and updates regularly until the child is able to come home. The family can also send photos and gifts to the child to help prepare the child. This is especially helpful when an older child is adopted.

Waiting Children are paper ready for international adoption and often have been found harder to place because of their age, number of siblings, and/or special needs. Often there must be a sign off of the adoption from any biological member of the family that is involved or located – any member of the family that could be the one to raise the child if they would so decide. Usually this is not an issue and should be completed prior to the child being listed as waiting or prior to the family being accepted for a particular child.

The children that are listed here are available immediately. Lifeline may already have medical, social and written history on a particular child so please contact the Lifeline office to receive more information regarding a particular child. Lifeline Children’s Services is very blessed to help the precious children of Taiwan come into loving Christian homes. This is a wonderful program and we seek to glorify the Lord in our ministry work. We will be praying for you every step of the way and help you through the entire adoption process.

For more information or questions regarding our program in Taiwan, you can email Maggie Spiller HERE.

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