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Lifeline is excited to offer this new program in Asia!

Lifeline’s experienced team of adoption specialists welcomes you as you begin the exciting journey to adopt a precious child from Hong Kong!  Lifeline offers placements for special needs (see bottom of page) adoptions and would count it a privilege to partner with your family. Waiting Children are paper ready for international adoption and often have been found harder to place because of their age, number of siblings, and/or special needs. We believe you’ll be excited to learn that Hong Kong offers options for couples as young as 25 years old with a shorter time in country than many other international programs!  Call 205-967-0811 to speak to one of our experienced adoption specialists and discover why so many families trust Lifeline.

 Who We Are

Lifeline was founded in 1981 as a non-profit ministry and began its adoption ministry to Hong Kong in 2012 at the invitation of the Hong Kong government.  Lifeline is a state-licensed, non-profit ministry that exists to both place these children in a safe and loving home and provide services to Christian families desiring to adopt. Adopting a child from Hong Kong is a wonderful way to grow your family and provide a child a loving home. Lifeline invites you to open your heart and take this incredible journey of adopting from Hong Kong.

The Adoption Process

The adoption process begins with a home study report. This report consists of four interviews with a social worker as well as various accompanying documents that will be gathered during the process. Lifeline will complete the home study report for families residing in one of the states in which we are licensed: Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, and South Carolina. Lifeline will help families residing outside of these states to be referred to a home study provider in your state of residence. During the home study report process, you will also apply to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as well as begin gathering documents for your Dossier. The documents that make up your Dossier will be verified through a series of stages that will include notarization, certification by the Secretary of State, and authentication by the Hong Kong Consulate. After Lifeline has helped you complete this process, we will check your Dossier for accuracy before it is sent to Hong Kong. Your Dossier will then be sent to our partners in Hong Kong, Mother’s Choice, who will make a final check for accuracy before delivering your Dossier to the Adoption Unit of the Social Welfare Department.

Once the dossier is received by the AUSWD, they will send a list of questions and/or follow up tasks to Mother’s Choice that will assist in their consideration of matching you with the child that is the best choice for your family.

Once a match has been approved, a video will be taken of the child and sent to Lifeline to be shared with the family.

Hong Kong will then issue a ruling of wardship over the child in country and travel will be planned for the family to go to Hong Kong and bring their child home.

Once home, you will complete a minimum of three post-placement reports with the assistance of your social worker.  These are to be submitted at one month, three months, and six months home.  Once the six month report is submitted, the adoption may be finalized in the U.S. and the period of wardship will end.

Travel Information

Travel to the beautiful country of Hong Kong will be an amazing adventure!  Families adopting from HK will stay in country for approximately one week while finalizing the wardship of their child.

We strongly encourage all families to travel to Hong Kong to pick up their child, although having your child escorted home is an option.  Your new child will arrive home with an IH4 Visa and their formal adoption will be completed in the United States.

We’re Here To Serve you

The children that are listed on our waiting children page are available immediately. Lifeline may already have medical, social and written history on a particular child, so please contact the Lifeline office to receive more information regarding a particular child. Lifeline Children’s Services is very blessed to help the precious children of Hong Kong come into loving Christian homes. This is a wonderful program and we seek to glorify the Lord in our ministry work. We will be praying for you every step of the way and help you through the entire adoption process.

Hong Kong Special Needs

Lifeline specializes in Hong Kong’s Special Needs Program (Waiting Children).  Through this wonderful program, we are privileged to locate homes for children with medical and other special needs.  One of the many advantages Lifeline has is our commitment to quickly match you with a child and NOT place our families on long waiting list where you languish for months or longer.

Please call 205-967-0811 to ask about our current Waiting Children in need of families. You can also email Angie Rylands or Dave Wood.

Questions? Call 205.967.0811 or e-mail us here.