Lifeline recruits, screens, assists, and equips families for children needing forever homes through Dove Adoptions and West Sands Ethiopia Adoption Programs.

In order to meet the greatest needs of the orphan children in Ethiopia, Lifeline is only accepting applications for families that are open to:

Children 7+ years of age
Sibling groups (one child 7 or over)                          
Children who are HIV+ (any age)

Lifeline Children’s Services, in partnership with Dove Adoptions and West Sands Adoptions, will continue to partner with current families desiring younger children, however, applications for children outside these parameters listed above will no longer be accepted. 

Ethiopia is a land of extremes with some of the highest, most rugged and inaccessible places on the African continent, as well as some of the lowest depressions in Africa. It is a land of contrasts, busy cities and rural villages, hot, dry and barren places, as well as rolling hills, fertile highlands deserts, canyons, waterfalls and lakes that combine to make Ethiopia a country of breathtaking scenery. Sadly, Ethiopia has been devastated by war, drought and HIV, leaving millions of children in need.

The climate is dependent on the physical terrain and its position close to the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. Much of the year is warm and pleasant in the Addis Ababa (the capital) area where you will be staying. There are two principal seasons, rainy from June to September and dry the rest of the year. Ethiopia retains the Julian calendar and has 13 months. We use the English or Gregorian Calendar when we plan your trip.

Ethiopians are diverse in their ethnicity, culture, and language. The national language is Amharic, yet there are many, many other spoken languages. Many Ethiopians also speak English. Ethiopians are intrinsically religious, yet this is one country where Muslims and Christians, though both devout in their beliefs, live in peace. Ethiopians have a strong sense of family and community. It is not unusual to see extended family living together in small homes throughout their lives.

Ethiopian people are incredibly loving and caring toward children. While it is expected that most orphaned children will have experienced conditions of poverty and emotional losses, purposeful abuse and neglect appear to be rare. Community involvement in caring for orphaned children is the norm.

We’re Here To Serve You

Lifeline looks forward to the privilege of serving your family throughout your adoption journey. Start your journey here by searching our website for valuable information that will help you through the Ethiopia adoption process.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with Dove Adoptions and West Sands Ethiopia Adoption Programs and to help children find their forever families!  For more information about Ethiopia, you can email Cyndi Bryant. If you would like to know more about any of our other adoption programs, you can call the Lifeline office at (205) 967-0811.

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