Lifeline Children’s Services is committed to partner with and serve our families, doing everything possible to ensure a wonderful adoption experience!  Each of the families below has given Lifeline permission to make their personal adoption experience available to families considering international adoption. These families have worked with Lifeline and would be happy to talk to you further about their own adoption experiences. To become a Lifeline reference email Dave Wood.


Jerry & Connie Green

Jerry & Connie Green“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith… it is a gift from God.” Ephesians 2:8.
What an amazing Word from God.

God has blessed us with three wonderful children, Matthew Austin, Lily Grace, and Lia Faith. Matthew ‘Austin’ Green was born to us in November 1993 and immediately began drawing us closer to God. Lily Grace Xing Green was born in Jiangxi Province, China in September 2004 and joined us in July 2006 through adoption via Lifeline Children’s Services and a whole bunch of miracles from God. Lia Faith Xurong Green was born in Shanxi Province, China in March 2006 and also joined us through adoption in December 2008 via Lifeline and God’s sovereign plan.

Though he may not realize it, Austin’s early years played a significant role in the adoption of his sisters. It was during those years of raising and teaching Austin that God began preparing us for His plan, though we certainly didn’t realize it at the time. In fact, we thought Austin might be an only child, but both he and God knew different. God’s plan of adoption for our lives was first made evident to Connie and then to me. He taught us by surrounding us with children, both at church and through our friends, that we were designed to love all children. He showed us that adoption was a great privilege that provided us a glimpse into His awesome plan of adoption for all of us as brothers and sisters of Christ, children of the living God. When His plan for adoption in our family had reached it’s time, His presence in our lives increased beyond anything we could comprehend. We met Lifeline Children’s Services in October 2005 and began a relationship that would lead to adding two little Chinese girls to our family. We have experienced many miracles through our two adoptions, including the miraculous healing of Lia Faith that occurred the morning she was to have surgery. The day before He placed Lily Grace into our lives, God met us in the foyer of St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Beijing, China and shared with us the privilege of raising our children and teaching them about Him.

We are so thankful that God crossed our paths with Lifeline and introduced us to their dedicated, Christian staff. Now, we are honored and blessed to share our story as much as possible that He might be glorified and that others might begin to see that His plan of adoption is for all of us. “For this child, I prayed …” 1 Samuel 1:27.


Lewis & Pam Hundley

Lewis & Pam HundleyOn September 20, 1997, we were blessed by the birth of a baby girl, Emily. As the years went by, however, we never had a peace that our family was complete. One day, a family at our church told the congregation that they were adopting a child from China. I felt something in the pit of my stomach like God was telling us that we should investigate this further. After praying about the decision, we felt as if we were to pursue adopting a child from China.

On August 18, 2003, Ellie, was placed in our arms in Hefei, China. Again, as the years went by, we still did not get the peace that our family was complete. Again, after praying and seeking counsel from our pastor, we felt we were to again adopt another child from China. In June 2007, we submitted our application to Lifeline. Our dossier was originally logged into the Non-Special Needs program, however, because of the ever increasing wait for a non-special needs child, we also decided to be placed on the waiting list for a special needs child that had a very minor special need. We really did not know from which program our daughter would come from, would we be waiting 3 years or would it be sooner? We knew it was in God’s hands. In the mean time, in May/June 2008, in order to prepare for daughter number three, we began construction on a new home and sold the home we were living in at the time. In November 2008, we moved into our new home.

In a month or less, in December 2008, we received an e-mail asking us if we wanted to be matched to a child from the special needs program in December. Honestly, that was a total shock. We had known all along that it was a possibility, but it still took us by surprise. The first Sunday in January of 2009, we received an e-mail and a phone call from Lifeline. We had a referral for a beautiful baby girl who was about nine and half months old! We were told that we had to make a decision by the next day as to whether to accept or reject the referral. We quickly sent the medical information to the International Adoption Clinic for review. This clinic is a great resource for adoptive families. We used them for our first child that was adopted and would highly recommend them. The next day, we received good news from the clinic and after much prayer, accepted the referral.

We would name this precious child Elissa Leighanna, Elissa means “Devoted” and Leighanna means “Guided of God”. Once Elissa’s referral was accepted, the long wait began to travel. It takes longer to travel for a child from the special needs list than it does for a non special needs child. The process works differently. Finally, after several delays and almost 6 months later, on May 24 of this year, we began our journey to China to get Elissa. On June 1, 2009, Elissa was placed in our arms in Guangzhou, China. That was truly a happy day!! As we look back, we can see how God’s hand was in the process the entire time. He ordered the selling of our previous home, in just 2 days! His timing could also been seen in the move to our new home and receiving Elissa’s referral just six weeks later. God also blessed us once again with great people at Lifeline who stepped in to help when needed in order to bring our daughter home. Thank you Lifeline and thank you God!!


Clayton & Connie Johnson

Clayton & Connie JohnsonWe are so blessed to have ‘found’ Lifeline Children’s Services! When the Lord bent our hearts toward adoption for the third time, we began searching waiting child lists for our son. His file happened to be with Lifeline, and we had no idea what a pleasure it would be to work with them. Karla was quick to gather the information we needed to show our doctor regarding Kaeleb’s medical need, although in our hearts we already knew he was our son. We felt so much peace in knowing we could ask questions during the times of waiting. Even though this was our third adoption, we didn’t take anything for granted, and we often sought the encouragement from our agency. We are thrilled to know that they pray for us as a waiting family. Our journey to Kaeleb went quickly and efficiently, thanks to Lifeline. There was no question in our minds when God called us to adopt a fourth time that we would use Lifeline! We are blessed to be well into our next process with Lifeline. As board members of our church orphan ministry, we recommend Lifeline Children’s Services to every prospective adoptive parent we meet. Lifeline is all about bringing Scripture to life through the miracle of physical adoption and bringing children into their Forever Families!


The Anderson Family

We have been blessed to have used Lifeline Children Services for the adoptions of our two girls from China. When we first decided to add to our family through adoption we were doing our paperwork with another agency. A friend of mine told me about Lifeline and their SN List. It was then that we saw our daughter’s face for the first time.

Lifeline worked diligently in helping us switch agencies and unite us with our little girl on February 5, 2007. Our facilitator, Nancy, in Nanjing, was wonderful. She was extremely helpful helping us prepare to meet our daughter. Assisted us in purchasing the correct formulas and foods that the Orphanage director suggested. She made sure that all our paperwork was in order quickly and efficiently.

In Guangzhou, Rebecca was incredible! Jailyn was ill, and Rebecca helped us get the needed medicine. Jailyn was healthy enough to travel home without any problems. December 26, 2007, we received the call from Karla that we would be able to petition China for another little girl. Jorja first walked into our arms on December 29, 2008. Jorja was almost 5 years old. She has the sweetest, biggest smile, and loves to laugh. We feel so blessed to have these girls in our family. And we are incredibly thankful that the staff of Lifeline was able to help us bring our girls home. Dr. Chambers, who works with Lifeline, was a wonderful source as we were looking over both girls medical reports. She was encouraging, but she did not sugar coat any of our girls special needs. We have been amazed that though Dr. Chambers had not met either of our daughters personally, she understood the Chinese reports and diagnosed our girls perfectly.

Jorja is from Guangdong Providence, so we spent our entire time in China, in Guangzhou. Jorja was healthy, so we were able to spend more time touring Guangzhou with Rebecca and Lily. We love these ladies as part of our family, as we do Karla and all the staff of Lifeline.

We are praying that God will bring another precious child into our lives and trust that we will be able to work with Lifeline again soon.

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