Lifeline’s experienced team of adoption specialists welcomes you as you begin the incredible journey to adopt a precious child from China! Lifeline offers both traditional and special needs (see bottom of page) adoptions and would count it a privilege to partner with your family. We believe you’ll be excited to learn that China is often regarded by adoption professionals as the best-run adoption program in the world. China has become the choice country for thousands of American adoptive families. In fact, more families choose to adopt from China each year than from any other country. For hundreds of these families, Lifeline is their agency of choice. We presently have some wonderful agency advantages that greatly benefit our families. Call 205-967-0811 to speak to one of our experienced adoption specialists and discover why so many families trust Lifeline.

Who We Are

Lifeline was founded in 1981 as a non-profit ministry and began its adoption ministry to China in 2000 at the invitation of the Chinese government. Since 2000, Lifeline has successfully placed hundreds of children from China into loving homes and we continue to serve families as they seek a child through the blessing of adoption. Lifeline is a state-licensed, non-profit ministry that exists to both place these children in a safe and loving home and provide services to Christian families desiring to adopt. Adopting a child from China is a wonderful way to grow your family and provide a child a loving home. Lifeline invites you to open your heart and take this incredible journey of adopting from China.
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The Adoption Process

At this time, Lifeline is only accepting applications for families to adopt one child from China. Lifeline is committed to serving the best interest of the child that our families adopt. It is our belief, based on 32 years of professional experience, that it is in the best interest of non-sibling group children to be adopted on an individual basis. Each child has a unique set of needs that require parents full care and attention as that child adjusts and attaches in their adoptive family. Lifeline exists to prepare, equip, and engage adoptive families throughout their adoption process. It is our joy to lead families along their journey with their child’s best interest in mind every step of the way.
Download our China Process Document
ChinaThe adoption process begins with a home study report. This report consists of four interviews with a social worker as well as various accompanying documents that will be gathered during the process. Lifeline will complete the home study report for families residing in one of the states in which we are licensed: Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, and South Carolina. Lifeline will help families residing outside of these states to be referred to a home study provider in your state of residence. During the home study report process, you will also apply to Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) as well as begin gathering documents for your Dossier. The documents that make up your Dossier will be verified through a series of stages that will include notarization, certification by the Secretary of State, and authentication by the Chinese Consulate. After Lifeline has helped you complete this process, we will check your Dossier for accuracy before it is sent to China. Your Dossier will then be sent to our facilitator in China who will make a final check for accuracy before delivering your Dossier to the CCCWA. Once your Dossier has been sent to the CCCWA, we will wait for an official login date (LID). This LID will be important as it will determine when you will be matched with your child. The matching process takes place at the CCCWA some months after your Dossier has been logged in. When you have been matched with your child, Lifeline will receive pictures and information about your child. This information is called a referral. Once you have been matched with your child and received your referral, we will await to receive a Travel Approval (TA) from the CCCWA. This TA serves as permission for you to travel to China to adopt your child. Once we have received this, we can start planning your trip to China.

Travel Information

ChinaYour in-country travel will be divided into two parts: the provincial city and Guangzhou. Half of your time will be spent in the provincial city where your child’s orphanage is located, the other half will be spent in Guangzhou, a city in southern China where the U.S. Consulate is located. Our travel team in China will be with you throughout your entire stay, helping you through each stage of the adoption process in-country, translating for you, and acting as guides. You will be well taken care of by our staff throughout your stay in China! We have helped numerous families to bring home their children from China and look forward to the privilege of serving your family as well. Start the journey here by searching our website for valuable information that will help you through the China adoption process. See a listing of references here.

China Special Needs

Lifeline specializes in China’s Special Needs Program (Waiting Children). Through this wonderful program, we are privileged to locate homes for children with medical and other special needs. One of the many advantages Lifeline has is our commitment to quickly match you with a child and NOT place our families on long waiting list where you languish for months or longer. We receive referrals for these children monthly (shared list). Many of these children’s medical needs are easily repaired in the U.S. and simply have not been addressed in the orphanage due to a lack of resources. Please call 205-967-0811 to ask about our current Waiting Children in need of families. You can also email Logan Gibbons or Dave Wood.

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