Bulgaria. The Country of Contrasts.

Bulgaria is a country of contrasts that sits near the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The influence of both the Europeans and its Middle East neighbors are felt in its culture and reflected in its people. Bulgaria is bounded on the north by Romania, on the east by the Black Sea, on the southeast by Turkey, on the south by Greece and on the west by Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia, is located in the west central part of the country. The official language is Bulgarian.

Lifeline Children’s Services is pleased to be able to offer a program in Bulgaria. Multiple unrelated children can be adopted which makes, Bulgaria adoption a promising option for many families. There is no additional fee for any number of children adopted (siblings/non-siblings), as long as they are located at the same orphanage. If the children are located in a separate orphanage then there is an additional fee for each separate location, although the fee is relatively low at approximately 2000 Euros.

Lifeline Children’s Services works with three foundations in Bulgaria to help complete your adoption journey.   The directors of each of these foundations have countless years of experience helping families to adopt.  Each of these foundations are Hague accredited and have a strong and positive working relationship with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) in Sophia, Bulgaria.  The Ministry of Justice is the governing body of adoption in Bulgaria.  Each of Lifeline’s foundations will be with you every step of your way while you are in Bulgaria.Bulgaria

There are two process in Bulgaria to adopt internationally. One being a program in which you pre-identify a child off of our waiting list.  Our waiting child list typically consists of children with moderate-sever special needs, or older children with no special needs.  There are varying degrees of special needs children on the waiting child list.  The MOJ gives each of our foundations new children every two months. Children who are not matched or adopted are returned to the MOJ after that time frame. There is always a potential to ask about a child that has previously been on our list to see if they are available. This list is accessible by clicking the “Waiting Child” link above.  You are able to be matched with a child at any point of your process. The estimated time frame to adopt a pre-identified special needs child from the waiting child list is 12-24 months.

The other option for being matched in Bulgaria is to wait for a referral to be issued by the MOJ after your dossier is submitted. A very extensive special needs list is submitted with your dossier. On this list, you will specify the special needs you would accept or consider in a referral, along with an age and gender preference. Your referral will match the needs and age range you specify on this list. The wait time for a referral is dependent on the age of the child you are desiring and also the needs you feel open to accept. For example, the wait time for a young, minor special needs child is going to be much longer (2-5 years) than if you are willing to accept more significant needs.

Most children that are available for adoption are of Roma, Turkish or European decent, and are cared for in an orphanage setting. You will receive a picture and complete medical before accepting a child and, on occasion, video of the child will be made available.

Lifeline Children’s Services is very blessed to help precious children from Bulgaria come into loving Christian homes. This is a wonderful program and we seek to glorify the Lord is our ministry/work. We will be praying for you every step of the way and help you through the entire adoption process.

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