The Process

Each applicant for adoption will be assigned a social worker, who will coordinate services for each family on an individual basis. The greatest effort spent on each couple will be the home study.

A home study is a series of interviews in which the social worker concentrates on collecting information via face-to-face contact with each couple. The home study typically consists of an orientation interview followed by 4 home study interviews.

1. The first interview is a home visit in which the social worker will address each of the qualifications for adoption. This is a joint interview.

2. The next visits are individual interviews and are typically held at the LCS office. Both spouses may come on the same day, if they must travel to get to the office. If they are local, each spouse may schedule his or her own interview at his convenience. The interviews will be autobiographical in nature and will be based on an Autobiography written by the applicant. The social worker will ask that you complete this Autobiography prior to this interview.

3. The third interview will focus on parenting philosophies and plans. Issues such as experience and exposure to children, the applicants’ parenting received when they were children, values and discipline will be explored.

4. The fourth interview will focus on adoption education. We will discuss how to educate the child on his or her adoptive status, how to educate others, proper words and timing, books on adoption, trans-racial adoptions, contact with birth parents, background information on any prospective adopted child, completing a profile and many other issues common to adoption.

 After the home study process is completed, families will begin the matching process.

Lifeline requires that at a minimum adoptive couples be willing to meet the birth mother before the adoption takes place, and to send correspondence through Lifeline to the birth family. Many birth mother are desiring more openness in their adoption then in previous years.

For more information about the home study process or the matching process, please contact Christy Harmon at 205-967-0811 or at

Please Note: If the adoptive parents have had a home study in the past, LCS will request a copy of the home study. We will ask that the couple provide all information possible from the first adoption, so that we have to repeat as little as possible. Please be aware that many home studies do not meet our requirements and standards. If this is the case, then LCS may need to complete a full home study.


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