Infant Caregivers

One of the many ways we seek to spare adoptive families from undue agony associated with failed adoptions is through our infant care providers. In some cases, Lifeline encourages adoptive couples to allow their baby stay in the home of a volunteer infant care provider before the adoption is finalized.

Lifeline Children’s Services has many volunteer families who serve as a temporary care providers for infants awaiting adoptive placement or a safe haven for children whose parents need temporary help with their parenting. Our infant care providers have many years of experience in child care. In addition, they all have a profound love for children and a commitment to ensure the well-being of every child under their care. It is a true peace of mind for parents to know that their children were cared for in such a caring way from the minute they were brought home from the hospital.

We recruit families who have the ability for a parent to stay at home with the infants or who might work no more than 3 days a week with family care for those days. All families agree with our doctrinal statement and have had a Lifeline social worker complete a home tour and thorough study of their home. Also, all families have completed the state mandated GPS training conducted by Lifeline Children’s Services which is a 10 week / 30 hour course designed to prepare families for fostering, loving, caring and providing for minor children.

Lifeline’s infant care providers are truly committed individuals and know that God has called them to minister to families, children, and women. In August of 2003 Cheryl Walker and the late Ray Walker celebrated the precious gift of caring for their 100th child in their Birmingham home.


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