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International – Before you Apply

Before you begin your application, we want to invite you to learn a little more about our ministry. The following documents will give you insight into Lifeline’s policies and practices concerning international adoption. These policies and practices will be discussed with you after you apply to Lifeline but we believe it will be helpful for you to see them beforehand. You can also view a sample adoption services contract which is very similar to the one that you will be asked to sign after you apply.

Lifeline's Adoption Policies and Practices

Lifeline’s Adoption Policies and Practices

The policies in this document will be discussed with a Lifeline representative after you apply.

Sample Adoption Services Contract

Sample Adoption Services Contract

This is a sample contract essentially similar to the one you will be asked to sign at the beginning of your adoption process.

Lifeline Refund Policy for International Adoption

Application Fee

Nonrefundable or transferable under any circumstances

Initial Program Fee

70% refundable if family withdraws 4 weeks or less after agreement date.
50% refundable if family withdraws between 4 to 8 weeks after agreement date.
No refund will be issued after 8 weeks.

Home Study Fee

This fee is not refundable since it is collected after the completion of the home study; however, it will not be duplicated if a family decides to switch programs.

Second Program Fee – Dossier

This fee is not refundable but fully transferable to another Lifeline Children’s Services, Inc. program.

Final Program Fee – Travel Fee

Nonrefundable if family travels and if family withdraws before traveling it is at the discretion of the international director whether the fee can be transferred to another program.

Post Placement Fee

Nonrefundable unless family moves into a state in which Lifeline Children’s Services, Inc. or one of it’s affiliates is not licensed to conduct home studies, at that time the fee will be refunded by 50%.

REFUND NOTE: If a family fails to properly disclose information or in any way puts the agency and its interests at risk, Lifeline Children’s Services, Inc. retains the right to terminate adoption process without providing any refund. If there are special circumstances that require a family to withdraw temporarily or suspend their adoption, Lifeline Children’s Services, Inc. will apply 100% of the family’s previously paid fees to the reactivated adoption if it takes place within 2 years of the withdrawal/suspension. If more than six months have elapsed the family will need to comply with all fees at the then current rates. The Executive Director retains the right to assess individual cases and determine refunds for atypical cases. Obviously many of the expenditures that occur are outside of the services of Lifeline Children’s Services, Inc. and are all non-refundable once paid unless the client personally arranges that with the individual entities.

Below you can access our online application. Once you complete it you will be prompted to pay the $250 application fee. A Lifeline representative will contact you within 5 business days once your application has been submitted and the $250 application fee paid. If you have any additional questions, please call our office at 205-967-0811.

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Domestic – Before you Apply

Before applying to our domestic program, we do ask that you speak with one of our Domestic Social Workers by calling us at 205.967.0811. This will allow you to gain more insight into our program before you apply.

After you have spoken with one of our Domestic Social Workers, you may use the link below to apply to our domestic program.

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Questions? Call 205.967.0811 or e-mail us here.