Agency Fees:

Lifeline desires to make adoption as affordable as possible for families. Thanks to our generous donors and supporters, Lifeline is able to cover some of the cost of each domestic adoption. While a typical adoption costs Lifeline over $40,000, we only charge our  adoptive couples $26,300

Total Lifeline Adoption Fees: $26,300 ($25,000 for 2nd adoption) plus annual update fees and attorney fees.

  • Application Fee (due with application): $300.00 (not applicable for second adoption)
  • Home Study Payment 1 (due at first home study visit): $1,000 ($500 for 2nd adoption)
  • Home Study Payment 2 (due at last home study visit): $1,000 ($500 for 2nd adoption)
  • Program Fee Payment 1 (due when Profile is submitted): $3,500.00
  • Program Fee Payment 2 (due when matched with a birthmother): $4,500.00
  • Placement Fee (due at placement): $16,000.00
  • Annual Home Study Update Fee: $350.00 per update (as needed)

Additional Fees:

In addition to Lifeline’s adoption fees, there are other fees that will be paid directly to each provider:

  • State Police Clearance Letter: approx. $10.00 (varies by state)
  • Criminal Background Check: approx. $50.00 per person (varies by state)
  • Additional Background Check Fee: if matched with a birth mother in another state
  • Medical Exam: made payable directly to health care provider
  • Prepare/Enrich Relationship Assessment: $35.00 (per couple)
  • Consultations: if additional consultations are needed, these fees are also payable directly to the provider
  • Domestic Adoption Conference Fee: $45.00 (per couple)
  • Travel and Lodging Expenses: Domestic Mini-Conference in Birmingham (if applicable)
  • Travel and Lodging Expenses: for domestic training in Birmingham Alabama (if applicable)
  • Travel and Lodging expenses: for ICPC (if applicable)
  • Attorney’s Fee
  • Court Costs
  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Mileage: $.50 per mile after 60 miles round trip**

**Lifeline Children’s Services has a service area of 60 miles, round trip, from our office or nearest social worker in each state. Families will be billed for mileage outside of the service area. All mileage fees are due at the time of service and payment should be given to the Lifeline staff member conducting the service.

Fee Explanation:

While we strive to keep our fees to a minimum, Lifeline is dedicated to full-service for adoptive couples and birth parents.

Each adoptive couple is matched with a social worker who walks them through the home study and matching process. Social workers spend hours educating, supporting, advising, and encouraging each family throughout their adoption journey.

Each birth parent is matched with a counselor who provides holistic support before and after the adoption takes place. Just as each birth parent is a unique individual, the specific needs for services vary as well. Some examples of services we can provide for birth parents:

  • Professional Counseling
  • Medical Expenses
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Housing
  • Life Skills Training
  • Legal Counsel
  • Financial Planning

Even if the birth parents chooses to parent, our counselors still provide support, and will help them get connected with resources for parenting. Ultimately, we want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to each birth parent by meeting physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. Click HERE to find out more about our services to birth parents.

When considering Lifeline fees, please remember:

  • Some agencies only project their agency fee, which does not include birth parent expenses, hospital and medical fees, etc. Many agencies require a $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 deposit to begin the process, where Lifeline only charges minimal fees before an actual placement is made.
  • All fees are transferable to another birthmother match if the placement does not take place. If a family has already paid the $4,500 matching fee, they will not need to pay that fee again should the birth mother change her mind and the family start the matching process again. This also applies to the $16,000 placement fee.
  • Effective 1998, a federal adoption tax credit became available to reimburse adoption expenses. The adoption tax credit was made permanent in 2012. For additional information, click HERE to read an article written by Lifeline’s Executive Director, Herbie Newell. Please consult your CPA regarding the current status of the adoption tax credit and whether your family qualifies.
  • There are grants available such as Show Hope, ABBA Fund, and Life Song for Orphans that couples should consider when evaluating the cost of the adoption.
  • A family’s concern over a fee or their ability to pay a full fee should never be a reason for not applying to Lifeline. Questions regarding fees or other policies can be addressed to a couple’s social worker.
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