Domestic FAQ

  • When would we be notified of being matched with a prospective adoptive child?

    Notification of a placement varies with each case, but it usually depends upon the birth mother’s wishes and your desires. You could be notified a few months or a few days before placement.

  • How do you match prospective adoptive families with children?

    As a birthmother-centered agency, this is done by the means of a “profile system”. The very last paperwork completed in the adoption process for Lifeline is an Adoptive Family “profile”. We will send the family instructions and a template to use for their profile. The profiles are “non-identifying”, meaning that your name or address will not appear on the profile. There will be pictures of you and descriptions about your family. This is what the birth parents use to choose what family they want to place their child with. We try to give the birth parents the opportunity to choose the adoptive couple.

  • Do your birth parents receive any type of counseling while in your program?

    Our birth parents do receive counseling and counseling is offered to them even after they have placed with our agency. They are counseled both emotionally and spiritually by one of our four birthmother counselors.

  • What is a Home Study?

    A home study is a series of interviews in which a social worker concentrates on collecting information via face-to-face contact with a couple. The home study process typically consists of four interviews.

  • What age are the children that are adopted through Lifeline?

    Lifeline deals mostly with infants, but if there is a situation where the birth parent could no longer provide a stable and healthy environment for an older child we would help to find that child a home.

  • How many domestic adoptions does Lifeline do a year; What percent is of Caucasian race; What percent is African American; What percent is Biracial?

    On average, Lifeline does about 30+ domestic adoptions a year. 13% are biracial children, 37% are African American children, and 50% are Caucasian children.

  • How much does it cost to adopt?

    Adoption costs can vary. Please see our fees by clicking here.

  • How long does the process take?

    The average wait time for families is between 2-4 years. We never know what a birth mother is looking for when she looks at a family profile, so wait times can vary. The more open a family is to having their profile shown, the more chances that they have to be matched.

  • We understand Lifeline is a Christian ministry. How does this impact the application process?

    It is true that Lifeline Children’s Services was founded to assist Christian families with adoption. As a non-denominational ministry, we have worked with families of many different Christian denominations. Avoiding denominational issues, we accept applications from prospective adoptive applicants who express a faith in Christ, a lifestyle that demonstrates this commitment, and a desire to raise the child in a Christian home.

    For those families with concern over our spiritual requirements, we can provide referral within our established network. If you have any questions over this issue, you are encouraged to make contact with our Lifeline staff who is always happy to discuss this and answer any questions you may have.


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