Lifeline is pleased to offer Post-adoption Services for the adoptee and the birth parents. Interested parties should be familiar with our policies and guidelines before beginning the process.

Birth Parents

Birth parents interested in reunification are warmly invited by Lifeline to provide us with information for your file which will help us contact you, in the case that the adoptee requests information or reunion. Please give us your name, age, date of birth, current address, phone, and email. We are also very interested in any personal information about yourself and your circumstances that you may want to provide. We also encourage you to send a picture of yourself and/or your family. The more information we have, the better.


Reunions are initiated by the adoptee. If the adoptee requests information or a reunion, we will make every effort to use information we have on file to locate the birth parents. If this information changes over time, it is critical that we are updated with current contact information. If you are an adoptee and desire to setup a reunion, please contact us at 205.967.0811.

Lifeline requests that the below steps be followed by the adoptee and the birth parent(s) before information is given or a reunion will be conducted.

  • The course of least-desired contact will be respected, regardless of whether that comes from the adoptee or the birth parents.
  • Neither party is under an obligation to respond to the other. Information shared and contact made should be based on a completely voluntary decision made by the adoptee or the birth parent.
  • Each party must agree to provide a current picture I.D. to Lifeline Children’s Services.
  • The agency’s post-adoption specialist will act as an intermediary until each party chooses to waive confidentiality.
  • Each party must participate in pre-reunion counseling with a post-adoption specialist at Lifeline Children’s Services. If one or both parties is too far away to come to the LCS office, then services must be contracted in the parties’ state of residence.
  • Each party will be asked to complete counseling materials. This will help facilitate counseling and help the post-adoption specialist to understand each case better.

Lifeline Children’s Services cannot guarantee the results of the search to be satisfactory to each party’s desires.

Questions? Call 205.967.0811 or e-mail us here.